There are many misconceptions regarding artificial turf and maintenance. Many vendors will say that turf is maintenance free, which is simply not true. Yes, maintaining turf is far less costly than natural grass and significantly more predictable but there is still regular maintenance that is required.

There are two forms of standard maintenance for artificial turf: Grooming and Sweeping.undefined

The process of grooming a field is designed to stand up the fibers and level the infill. This procedure should be completed every 80 hours of field use. Obviously to be able to time this interval it will be necessary to keep track of the number of hours the field is utilized. 80 hours is just a suggested interval. Depending on play and other elements that impact the surface, the interval can be less or more; this is simply a general guideline.

undefinedSweeping: Sweeping is the process of removing debris and litter. Scheduling how often you need to sweep the field will be directly determined by the control you have over access to the field and the policies regarding what is allowed on the field. If you allow people to take food and beverages onto the field surface you will have to sweep more often than if you don’t allow any of these items onto the field surface.Basically, you need to sweep the field whenever it is dirty and when litter is present.

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